Bloggin in the Laundry Room

Today, decease the Chapman team comprised of Jim Houser, discount David Trask, find Nick Lyndon, Grace Graham, Caleb Chapman, Will Franklin Chapman, Emily Chapman, Steven, and myself are learning the wonderful world of web blogging. A little behind the time, however looking forward to the future of internet communication with great enthusiasm!!!Photo_43

  • Hi, Mary Beth! Welcome to the world of blogging! We are so excited to learn that you are going to be sharing with us. In the meantime, I hope you are having a wonderful time traveling the world with the fam. Stay safe and have fun while you’re over there changing the world.

  • So glad you found blogging. It can be alot of fun. Im glad to see your getting to travel around with your family. I love to travel, I just dont get to nearly as much as you do. Being able to go out of the US would be a dream for me. Have safe travels and have fun blogging!

  • Hey MB, I love all the work you’ve done and are doing!!! It’s been a blast keeping up with the Chapman’s. Your family is so much like mine, just so active and full of life! Ya never know from one moment to the next what will happen around here! Makes life fun.
    Keep up the wonderful blogs you’re doing and keeping us all informed. Please get the Gulf Coast on SCC’s tour soon. Can’t wait to see when they’ll be down our way!
    Love all of ya, my brothers and sister in the Lord,
    MS Gulf Coast

  • Greetings from Surfside California!!! :o)
    OUR PRAYERS ARE FLYIN’ YOUR you get out from “under the weather” … hope all recoup’ quickly – those “international bugs” seem to follow those long flights! (ahh-chooo!) My bro’ just returned himself from Africa this past weekend on a church relief trip and has the same yucky stuff you all have. (Chicken Soup and OJ!)
    -God is Faithful!
    Rest up, our best wishes to you and Da’Chapman Clan…
    God’s richest blessings.

  • Sherry

    I’m praying that your household is healthy again very very soon! I’m so sorry that you have sick babies!