Pinterest Perfect

I saw a title of an article that referred to mothering not being a hobby…. Ya’ll it’s not a hobby to be perfected!!! I didn’t read the article but I loved the idea of the title… Because sometimes I feel like so many moms are wearing themselves out trying to give their kids a “Pinterest Perfect” party or experience, that they miss the mothering completely.. Is it about us or them?

It’s taken me a long time and a lot if mistakes to realize, but my kids just really want me…and my attention and time…. Don’t get me wrong, I need great ideas too, and Pinterest and the Internet are a great place to get them… But anything to an extreme at least for me can be paralyzing… Rest in the fact this Mother’s Day weekend that your kids love you… Mistakes and all! Not the decorations at their party… #idontwanttobepinterestperfect.

  • So true.

  • droellefamily

    Love this, so needed today. Satan loves to heap guilt pressure and the need for perfection on our heads as mothers. What we really need is to just sit in the grass with our kiddos and observe the world around. Bees collecting pollen, birds building nests, clouds making funny shapes. All these God given things can sure get lost in the buzz of expectations. Thank you for this post and important reminder that time IS precious and it’s time that our children really want from us.