What A Catch

2nd Annual KLOVE Fan Awards at the Grand Ole Opry House - ShowI Love My Husband. That’s really all I wanted to say. But… since blogging is about your opinion on whatever you want to talk about… I’ll expound. First things first…what made me say this? He left again (not that he necessarily “wanted” too) for the 12, 253,219 time. Yes, that’s a made up number and NO that can’t possibly be how many times he has left, but it sure feels like it.

This is a big year for me. I call it the 3050 celebration! October 13 will be my 30th wedding anniversary and you all can guess what happens on November 6… I’m not really talking about that one…. And next years number will be 3049 because I’m gonna be counting backwards from now on… so with that said… This indeed is a monumental year.

I met my hubby in 1983, married him in 1984 and in 2014, I (still) Love my husband.
1984-2014! There is a lot of life in that little dash between those years. We have been blessed with laughter and happy…. And we have been blessed with tears and sad. It hasn’t been easy, but it has been worth it. It has all been God’s dash to tell through us, and all along the way, even in the very difficult, very painful private times, my husband has not given up and he has always breathed life into me. And trust me… I have not been easily resuscitated!

I got a message from him this morning as I do every time he leaves, telling me that he wished I was going with him. I supposed that in today’s world that may sound odd, but to me… it is what helps me put my feet on the floor to walk another day. He models Christ to me… What a catch!

Six Years Ago Today

photoProfound loss 6 years ago today. I miss this little girl with everything that is in me…. I must however thank the living God for sustaining and literally holding my family together. What should have torn us apart has made us stronger in our love for each other… we are still walking out the verse that says the enemy has been defeated. As long as I have breathe I will claim this over each member of my family… It hasn’t been easy and it certainly isn’t what I want to walk out but… We are doing it day by day, step by step, prayer by prayer. And… We are together. Thanks to you all for joining in the prayers for our family… I am truly grateful…

Maria Sue, mommy loves you to infinity….and beyond!