When I Was Younger by Colony House

Never have I been so proud of my boys. The following video is a must see. Caleb’s video work caught a glimpse into what I have been watching for the last 6 years. When Maria passed away, my boys started on a journey that was unchartered and unclear. As young musician’s they took their sorrow and pain of loosing Maria, their youngest sister, and set out on a journey that has culminated to today, July 22, 2014. Colony House (my boys band) has released their first full length CD. This project is about their journey of moving forward and finding freedom… of not giving up and wrestling with the hard questions of life… When I watch this clip I get what our family calls “The Free Willy lump” (if you’ve seen the movie Free Willy, it’s the lump you get in your throat from trying not to cry over a whale when the sad part comes and they are trying to get Willy to jump to freedom). I tear up when I SEE will looking at the sun rise over the ocean… Believe me, it has been HARD, and yet he has fought so well…. The CD, which is titled When I Was Younger, is worth a listen. Watching my young men who have worked so hard at not only their music, but their survival of sorrow give this Mom….. A reason.. to live

My eyes are open
My heart is beating
My lungs are full
My body’s breathing
I’m moving forward
I found my freedom
I found a life that gave me reason…to live

Thank you Caleb for reminding me….

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  • chrisediger

    I just have to say that I came upon the album on Spotify New Releases this morning, trolling through the new albums like I do every Tuesday. I had no idea who they were, or anything about the album for that matter, but found myself listening over and over again – all day.

    God gripped me when “Moving Forward” came on. I had the music on in the background while I was working and I had to rewind it and heard God calling out to listen to the words. Can’t tell you how they ministered to me in the place I find myself just this week.

    I picked up my two teenage boys and played “2:20” on the way home (which they loved). I then played “Moving Forward” and several other songs for my bride. It was only then, after a Google search, that I realized the Chapman connection.

    Just wanted to post & say that God is good, that redemption is the greatest story (and one I continue to relive), and that I appreciate the place that God has allowed you & your husband to not just bless others, but to walk a difficult path of love and comfort in the lives of your boys to bring them to such a place.

    Please share this with them & tell them thank you for following Him and for the transparency throughout “When I Was Younger.” I will tell everyone I know to grab it today & enjoy it like I know I will continue to do for many days ahead!

  • Suzy Parish

    Wow!! Beautiful!!!